I'm a Creative Director, Product Designer, and photographer of nice things.  


Founded by Adam Trageser, Two Left Co. is a boutique design studio, lovingly settled in the heart of Philadelphia. Since 2011, I have worked to empower brands through design thinking and the inclusive process of applicable creativity. 


I've worked as Lead Designer and Creative Director for several agencies over the years, leading projects that have helped shape some of the world's largest brands. Constantly needing to learn new skills is my strongest obsession, and I've used that obsession to manage projects from complex digital products, to studio photography, to copywriting and complete branding overhauls. And while those are fun skills to use, working with clients like KAYAK, CareerBuilder, and Six Flags has also taught me sincerity, inclusion, and trust in one another are just as important to the creative process as skill with a pencil or mouse.


Every human being is creative. Every one of us has the capacity to think like a designer, and as a designer I strive to foster this intrinsic creativity in clients and peers alike. To me, the creative process should be exactly this – the safe place to take a risk – to try something new and if it doesn't work out, it's the foundation to continue to build upon. 


Imagine both design studio and boardroom brainstorms without the stigma of making mistakes. Without bright minds sinking quietly back into their spinny chairs. Now imagine the possibilities had those minds never learned their creative doubt, and all the ideas-that-never-were are suddenly available to the world for others to collaborate and improve upon. That possibility is why I fell in love with design.


My passion for thinking a little differently is what pushed me to become a designer, but it's bringing out that passion in others that fuels the fire. Design isn't a product or a piece of art, it's a connection we all share. It's a communicative tool with the power to move one another to action, laughter, reflection, and tears, and together we can stop being so afraid to use it.



Honors & Features

Communication Arts, Awwwards, Webby Awards, FFFFOUND, Serial Thriller, Lovely Package, Inspiredology (Designer Spotlight), Prime 8 Art League, fontinspiration, BLDGWLF, FromUpNorth, Visual Hierarchy, AvantGraphic, The Beauty of Letterpress

Notable Clients

Hilton Worldwide, CareerBuilder, La Colombe, Morgan Stanley, Six Flags, Cardinal Health, ADP, Royal Bank of Canada, Blue Point Brewing, Complex Magazine, KAYAK, Fonts.com, John Galt Solutions, Securitas, Texas Roadhouse, TIAA, Wynn Las Vegas, Clarke Caton Hintz.


Upcoming Speaking Engagements

April 10th, 2018 @ 10a   |   Ernst & Young   |   2005 Market St, Philadelphia

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