UX/UI Design / Front-end Development / Copywriting / Photography & Art Direction (On-site)

Through a collaborative approach we create enduring architecture, livable places and sustainable environments.


Clarke Caton Hintz is an award-winning firm committed to solving today's complex planning and design problems with a multi-disciplinary approach. Professional collaboration is at the heart of their practice. They believe that architecture, planning and landscape architecture are fundamentally interdependent. And the services they provide in each discipline are enhanced by expertise in related fields.

This philosophy of fundamental usability and universal accessibility are at the core of the visual language created for their site. Not only a public portfolio of architecture and design work, this site includes a client environment to help projects of any size run as smoothly as possible. Progress synopsis, contact information, FTP project files and uploads were rolled into one highly usable interface for both clients and architects to reference. 

This project was designed from scratch to be developed as a custom Wordpress template, simplifying the clients workflow when adding new projects to their portfolio. 


Product Overview

careersOur Firm.jpg

Designing a portfolio is always a unique challenge.

There’s a voice in the back of your mind second guessing design choices more than usual. It’s the urge to overdesign these projects that gets you into trouble, and that’s why a concrete visual system is so important here.


Selected Detail Views

12-Column Grid Structure. CCH client work was created for FZ Creative



Design Template Gallery & Product Summary


Custom User Manual

In addition to in-person workshops designed to teach CCH employees the full feature set of their new client portal, a user guide was created for quick reference in day-to-day ops.