Brand Development / Project Management / Photography / Logo Design / Web Design

"This is where you can shop for something truly special. Floodzone currently offers unique, limited-edition shirts, signed and numbered by the artist's own hand."


In 2014, my design team and I started an apparel shop in our spare time. We had ideas and nowhere to put them, so after a few weeks deliberating our creative outlet, we decided, anticlimactically, on t-shirts. Now I know what you're thinking, "how is that unique, like, at all?"

Simply put, it's not.

We weren't creating Floodzone to be trailblazers or pioneers, or even to be very successful. In fact, we were happy to break even in our apparel endeavor. The real benefit was the practice of trade and knowledge of application that came with the process of creating our brand ourselves, start to finish.

Over the next six months, we conceptualized our vision by writing business statements – deciding on everything from packaging, to hand-written thank you cards in every order – from branding aesthetic to photographic style, and proudly created everything ourselves. I developed the brand, honed my skills behind the lens in both product lighting and portrait style, art directed a look book, and built our online store.

Floodzone represents my passion for craft and eye for the little stuff, through-and-through.


Product Details


Branding collateral 

Packaging design, numbered hang tags, rubber stamps, pins, stickers, and thank you cards. We considered every part of the buying experience as a heartfelt "thank you" to our customers.


Lookbook Photography

I traveled to several locations while developing our look book style. The overall composition was equally as important to me as the product shot aspect while I captured our products in the wild. 


Portrait Photography

A dramatic artist portrait style I decided on for the Floodzone biography pages. 


Process Photography

Strategy meeting with     Nathan Kaszuba      Doug Wadas      Lou Stuber      Charles Barrett

Strategy meeting with    Nathan Kaszuba    Doug Wadas    Lou Stuber    Charles Barrett

Thanks to  Lou Stuber  for capturing this behind-the-scenes shot of me working on our second look book.

Thanks to Lou Stuber for capturing this behind-the-scenes shot of me working on our second look book.