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Logic rests on the axiom that existence exists.

~ Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged


Chicago-based forecasting software company John Galt Solutions has been providing affordable and automated solutions for consumer-driven supply chains. Forecasting future supply and demand based on real-time analysis, historical trends, and logical expectations that patterns in supply will continue to evolve. 

As a business built on the very principle of logic, rebranding John Galt was a rather meta task. The brand identity centers itself around the capitalized greek character 'lambda' – the iconic character representing logic as an entity. 


Work for John Galt includes a complete corporate brand guideline, visual identity, Wordpress site, app/webapp UX/UI design, UX consulting, Copywriting, and a long-term, person-based marketing plan. 

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Product Research & Design



John Galt Legacy

Product page designs for John Galt's two premier software suites, Forecast-X, and the Atlas Suite


Brand Guidelines






All John Galt client work was created for FZ Creative


Color Theory


Managing Assets

We have worked with FZ Media for over 2 years. Charles and his team bring an insane amount of creativity, organization and leadership to their projects. The creativity is cutting edge and timeless at the same time. Our projects with FZ Media have been on time and on budget. They are excellent at letting us know where we are in regards to budget. There are never any surprises.
— Anne Omrod – President & CEO at John Galt Solutions