Photography / Editing / Art Direction

It’s great in mixed drinks, but this stuff is smooth – when we say it’s a sipping rum, we mean it.


Shortly after the retail launch of La Colombe's Different Drum Rum, they were in need of a hero shot as silky smooth as the product itself. This is the process of painstakingly lighting, shooting, deconstructing and reassembling over 30 photos to capture the essence of Different Drum Rum.




The Result

Carefully combining elements from our library of production shots results in a hyper-realistic image, impossible to capture with lighting alone. 


Copywriting / Art Direction/ (and acting!)

"Hey What's your WiFi password?" ...said everyone. 


Since their inception into the retail coffee space, La Colombe has been the proud promoter of a "no wifi" policy aimed at stimulating face-to-face conversation. Naturally, we the customers aren't so enthusiastic about such a policy. This web short was created to embrace noticing your neighbor, because who know's what might happen. *wink face*



"F*ck WiFi" Short web video in collaboration with Charles Bouril and friends at La Colombe Headquarters.