Each month the homepage of features new image selections to showcase both new releases as well as typographic hidden gems. invited me to design and illustrate hero images for a new font family they were promoting on their homepage. Carefully considering the font's origins, characteristics, and usage, each illustration aims to capture the essence of the font. 

The design was “a cut-and-paste job” constructed from a set of character parts, according to van Bronkhorst. As he developed the face, the 90 degree turns on the shapes reminded him of electrical conduits; hence the name.
— Mark Van Bronkhorst



Font: Magma™ II - by Sumner Stone

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Stone first drew Magma with pencil so his hand could capture the organic details he envisioned. He then developed the design on screen, with an attentive eye to the Magma family’s graceful performance in a variety of environments.