Logo Design / Brand Guidelines / Print Design / Copywriting / Photography Art Direction


Making Safety Stand Out: For over 20 years Wyvern has set the standard for air charter operators around the globe. 


Surprisingly, old-school tradition heralding from the golden age of aviation means the generally wealthy industry of private aviation is stuck in design crosswinds. Wyvern recognized this and wanted to break free of the mad-man era graphics that frequently drape dusty convention halls. The result is a complete redefinition of the Wyvern brand, updated print materials, and a new, complementary identity for their premier membership - Wyvern Wingman.


“FZ Media has been able to translate our company’s products, personality, and vision into an integrated set of forward-thinking media tools. From engineering our corporate re-branding to developing an interactive sales app to creating dynamic pages for our website, FZ is an integral part of how Wyvern does business and a partner in our success.”
— Michelle Dina, Marketing Coordinator, Wyvern ltd.

Photoshoot & Art Direction

Putting Wyvern's newly written photo style guides into action, we built an image library for future photography needs. 


Promotional Brouchure

Promotional Brouchure

Promotional Brouchure


Brand Guidelines

From messaging, taglines, and keywords, to color theory, and photographic style, this is a comprehensive guide to using Wyvern's new brand identity.


Tradeshow Experience


Safe Travels - Promotional Piece


Icon Library

When phrases like "Flight Risk Assesment" and "TWR Due Diligence" are in your industry jargon, that can get boring quick.
A set of custom illustrations were created to breath life into Wyvern's written marerials.


Wyvern client work was created for FZ Creative.